fremantle studio 2009

fremantle studio 2009

 I have been a practicing artist  for about 26 years working mainly in the mediums of painting, drawing, prints and artist’s books.

I am a Fremantle based artist and will be the artist in residence at the Thelma John Studio from May until September. During this period I will respond to the site of the grounds of the Fremantle Arts Centre, creating paintings, drawings and photographs, paying close attention to the movements and activities of the birds. In order to observe the lives of the birds I may need to build a tree house as well as make a small room containing the added, beguiling dimension of the camera obscura. I aim to create a series of works to reflect upon the interconnectedness and impermanence of all living things. These explorations will result in a solo exhibition, to hear the language of birds, which will traverse the grounds and be installed in the Thelma John Studio and the Kathleen O’Connor Gallery in September. This blog will have a weekly update of my trails and successes.


3 Responses to “About Paul Uhlmann”

  1. lorena young said

    sounds wonderful. i would love to see this tree house paul!!! good luck with painting the birds. lorena young.

  2. Andrea Wood said

    wonderful I’m very interested

  3. Liz Uhlmann said

    Your insights into our world always give me pause. I am proud to know you, brother. L x

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