august moon

August 6, 2009

the fourth moon of the residencyaugust moon


high above the studio

July 16, 2009

Activity. Ceaseless movement.decent 1decent 2decent 3decent 4decent 5

full moon 7th of july

July 10, 2009

7th july full moonThis is the third full moon I have experienced at the Fremantle Arts Centre.


July 10, 2009

headless birdcarrionA headless bird appeared outside the studio. 

“Things derive their being and nature by mutual dependence and are nothing in themselves.” Quoted from Nagarjuna in ‘The Tao of Physics’ (1991) by Fritjof Capra p. 150.

like a dart

June 24, 2009



May 28, 2009

So far when I am working I have not listened to music prefering the general sounds of the environment. I am also visited regularly by local wildlife.  As if to welcome my project a willy wagtail dropped into my studio on the second day.communication without words

inside the studio

inside the studio