like a dart

June 24, 2009



images of the invisible

June 24, 2009

Current images from the field lie with images from the history of painting.cranach

lookout post

June 14, 2009

raven 1raven 2

the studio

June 14, 2009

Some work slowly evolves in the studiostudio june 09. studio 14th june 09 jpgstudio june 09

room for contemplation

June 12, 2009

I would like to make a room out of marine ply at the back of the grounds. It would be a room for reflection, a small gallery for one person at a time, with perhaps one painting, with a hole to the sky to observe the heavens and to make a camera obscura to witness movement. Here is a cardboard model. The hexagon relates to the honey-comb of bees – to chapels.hexagon room 1


June 12, 2009

Letters come anonymouslyIMG_1798 through the mail speaking of birds.

Here is text from one…

“The language of birds is very ancient, and like other ancient modes of speech, very elliptical: little is said, but much is meant and understood.”

Gilbert White

from ‘The Bedside Book of Birds p.XI 

Later a friend, John P. sends me these words;

“I have made a great mistake. I have wasted my life with mineralogy, which has led to nothing.  Had I devoted myself to birds, their life and plumage, I might have produced something worth doing.”

John RuskinIMG_1813


June 12, 2009

On the edge of the boundaries of the Art Centre is a strip of unkept land. It seems to be an area which has been a dumping ground and also a back walk-way.  Weeds and bush scrub grow wild here. The birds love this area and early in the morning may be seen flying low scooping up insects. Recently my lens caught this bird of prey as a dot on the horizon.prey 3preyc a

moon rise

June 8, 2009

moon rise 6th junemoon